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Written Testimonials:

1.  What's your name and what position do you hold in the legislature office?
      - Tokie Mojica, Office Manager
2.  What was one thing you learned during the training that really caught your attention and why?
     - Quality.  The way the training was presented: It was fun, funny, well presented, interesting, it shows experienced, knowledgable,
       the scenario of questionnaire was amazing along with the answers, (telling about myself, awesome), Jim and his wife performed          humbleness and exercise being-yourself (real not guessing or phony).  Hand outs:  clear, simple, short and to-the-point.  Overall I        really enjoyed it.
3.  How would you apply this training in your workplace?
     - Use the quality of customer service that apply to my office:
                           1.  Efficient
                           2.  Quick to respond (problem-solving)
                           3.  Friendly.
                           4.  Build strong relationships (constituents)
                           5.  Handle complain quickly.
                           6.  Respond to issues on time.
                           7.  Empathy
                           8.  Patience
4.  Would you recommend this training to others?
      - Yes, Highly

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Customer Service Training Testimonials 2020.

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