Lt. George David - DPS Saipan 

Shanti Kaipat- MARPAC 

Jashley Reyes - CGC Training Attendee 

1.  What position do you hold in the Payless Superfresh and Truckload Store?
      - Floor Supervisor
2.  Why do you think your customer service training is helpful during working hours?
     - I found it interesting and very informative. I believe that the training will help us to become better people and provide the best quality service to our customers.
3.  How would you apply this training in your workplace?
     - I would apply these key points, and share them to my coworkers:
                           1. Pursue excellence in customer service by exceeding expectations
                           2.  Work together as a TEAM and present ourselves well
                           3.  Take responsibility for the customer's experience in our store
                           4.  Smile and go the extra mile
                           5.  Achieving excellence in our customer service will create a great image for us and our company
4.  Would you recommend this training to others?
      - Yes, Highly

Written Testimonials:

May - Marianas Eye Institute 

Angela - Shirley's Susupe 

Customer Service Training Testimonials 2021.

Michael - DPS Saipan