“…after graduating from the class does make a big difference compared to not having a certificate. Like I was already prepared for what to expect…People should take this course. It will get them ready for the workforce in the future..”

Joseph Kileleman, AHLEI Hospitality Spring 2015 Alumnus, Front Desk Representative at Pacific Islands Club Saipan

“…without the Hospitality class I wouldn’t know how to approach customers correctly and how to deal with their complaints...how to do it nicely and in a kind manner…”

Earl Babauta, AHLEI Hospitality Fall 2015 Alumnus, Bell Hop at World Resort Saipan

“…customer service where I learned from that, it actually helps them to have a good day and having that positive impact towards other people really helps their day as well…”                                                      

 Eloise Lopez, AHLEI Hospitality Fall 2015 Alumna, Waitstaff at IHop Saipan

“…before I thought that Hospitality was only in the hotel industry but I learned that hospitality is everywhere you can find it in the stores, in the restaurants, and it’s in everyday life…”

Rachel Manzano, AHLEI Hospitality Fall 2014 Alumna, Cashier at YCO True Value Saipan

“….Hospitality is actually a really big part of my life now, it made me change my degree…teaching degree all the way to hospitality it was a really big difference…”  

Maximina Gabionza, AHLEI Hospitality Fall 2015 Alumna, Cashier / Waitstaff at Isla Café, Kanoa Resort Saipan

“…if they want a job at a younger age, it (AHLEI Hospitality START Certificate) will give them the edge that they need against other people who have experience because it shows you have initiative and that you want to learn about hospitality…    

Catherine Cabalquinto, AHLEI Hospitality Fall 2014 Alumna, Guest Service Officer at Club Elan, Hyatt Regency Saipan

“…the best thing that I learned back from my class in 2014 was I think everything because we got the chance to go around and shadow all these different places, learn about all the roles in a hotel, restaurant. It was crazy…”

 Isaac Tenorio, AHLEI Hospitality Alumnus Summer 2014, Teacher Aide at Dan Dan Middle School

“…my favorite part about the program was foreshadowing especially because you get to experience what it’s like to working in the industry…and getting a perspective on how they do things and maybe using those tools to improve on yourself most especially…”  

Michael Dy, AHLEI Hospitality Alumnus Fall 2015,Cook at McDonalds 

“…the lessons they teach is actually very vast that it also you know includes in any workforce. So for me I currently work at in the Saipan Duck Tours that’s why public speaking is something that I actually that I am really scared of and Hospitality class taught me that (public speaking)…”                                                                                            

Kristine Dawayen, AHLEI Hospitality Alumna, Tour Guide at Saipan Duck Tours